Our Diver Program for dive facilities brings together the concepts of reef restoration, business development and education... all through SCUBA!

What?: Our Diver Program is made up of the 2 day, 4 dive Restoration Diver course & its accompanying 1 day, 2 dive Conservation Diver course.  They are fun, hands-on certifications developed by Reef Guru for dive facilities worldwide to offer to divers. Divers learn about corals, what they are, why they are important, what we can do to protect them, and get awesome hands-on experience in coral restoration at the dive facility's small-scale restoration project. 


Why?: Coral reefs are facing a lot of human-induced problems and they need some extra care & attention to help them pull through. Reef Guru believe that a grass-roots approach involving dive facilities, public education, engagement & man-power through recreational-diver certification programs is one of the puzzle pieces to assisting corals in their struggles. Imagine if every dive facility in the world undertook a reef restoration program - we would be providing the reefs with much needed help to overcome the pressures that they currently face.

Who?: Our vision is for all dive facilities near coral reefs to run & manage their own small-scale restoration project, maintained by an army of 'Restoration Divers'. 

Dive facilities: To become a Reef Guru certified facility that can run the Diver Program, all it takes is a quick visit by Reef Guru to set up the restoration project infrastructure, familiarise you with the program and fully train one of your SCUBA instructors/DMs in restoration skills and certify them as a 'Reef Guru Instructor'! Already running a coral restoration program? Great! It will be even quicker to get you up & running with the Reef Guru Diver Program!

Dive centres CLICK HERE to view a PDF with more info on running our Diver Program & starting your coral restoration project.

SCUBA Instructors & Divemasters: Any SCUBA instructor and divemaster can become certified as a Reef Guru Instructor and teach the Restoration Diver certification at a Reef Guru certified facility. If we are setting up the dive facility you work at, we can certify you as a Reef Guru Instructor! So tell the dive centre you work at that you want to teach this course! We will also run dedicated Instructor Courses from time to time.


DIVERS!: Recreational divers are the key to this grass-roots project! Any entry-level certified recreational diver can participate in the Restoration Diver and Conservation Diver certifications & help restore coral reefs. So get hyped! Tell your favourite dive centre that you want to do this dive course! The more demand you create for this certification, the more dive facilities will run the program & the more coral reefs will get some much needed help!


Interested? Want to find out more? Contact us and let us know!

Restoration Diver Certification

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Dive centres CLICK HERE to view a PDF with more info on running our Diver Program & starting your coral restoration project.