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" We had previously installed some artificial reef sections last year, but without any expert knowledge on how best to do so, or how to manage them on an ongoing basis. Reef Guru came to Little Corn and provided us with that expert knowledge and experience and as such we have been able to build a more robust artificial reef program, and also a more sustainable coral growth project. Grace and Lucy were a pleasure to work with and I feel that they have left us in a much better position to manage the reef program ourselves, while remaining available for consultancy and guidance if necessary. In fact we hope they are able to come back in the future and do some more work with us on further improvements to the scale and design of the project"

Adam Clarke

Manager, Dolphin Dive Little Corn

"Even though the Reef Guru girls only spent a short amount of time on Little Corn, their work with the GIVE groups was extremely beneficial. They brought a whole new aspect to SCUBA - obviously, diving is a fun underwater experience, but they added an educational element for everyone involved with the GIVE project. Not only did the volunteers get hands-on experience with different marine conservation methods - including artifical reefs, a coral nursery table, and direct reef transplantation - they also learned a great deal about different coral growth forms, fish families, and invertebrate and substrate identification. It is safe to say that Reef Guru is making a difference in the waters surrounding Little Corn. But more importantly, this organization is able to educate people on why the world’s oceans matter, and the necessary steps to keeping them healthy"

Caitlin Shaffer,

SCUBA Program Lead, Growth International Volunteer Excursions

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