Reef Guru Diver Program


Once you have completed your Reef Restoration Theory online course, you can head out to one of our awesome Partner Facility locations to complete your practical session! Check out our locations below and book your practical course with them directly.

We are actively recruiting Partner Facilities to operate the practical part of the Diver Program courses. We have some exciting locations in the works, so be sure to check back regularly to find out our newest locations where you can get hands on with coral restoration!

Shimoni, Kenya

with REEFolution Kenya

Instructor: Guido Paap

REEFolution Kenya is based at Firefly Ocean Camp in Shimoni and works together with local communities to restore coral reefs and improve and sustain biodiversity in the Wasini Channel. Healthy corals are the building blocks of reefs and are essential for tourism in the area and for local fishermen to thrive. Unfortunately, corals are often damaged by fishing nets, boats, and anchors, leaving reefs degraded and dying. Through the work of REEFolution Kenya, coral fragments which were broken from the natural reef are collected to place them into coral nurseries until they are big enough to be out-planted on to artificial reefs. These structures provide a hard substrate for corals to attach and form a safe haven for juvenile fish to mature and other species to hide. 

In addition to this work, REEFolution is training people in the Shimoni and Mkwiro communities to become certified open water and coral reef restoration divers. This opens the door for them to learn from marine biologists, become marine conservationists themselves, and to become local champions for proper stewardship of their beautiful reefs.


Now you can also learn the basics of coral reefs and hands-on coral restoration techniques by taking the Reef Guru Restoration Diver course at REEFolution Kenya and support the work of these incredible people!

Visitors can stay for the night in a luxury safari tent at the beautiful Firefly Ocean Camp, and relax at the large swimming pool after a busy day of coral gardening. Team your Restoration Diver course up with some other awesome local activities such as a dolphin and snorkelling tour of the beautiful Kisite Marine Park, game fishing, kayaking, or further your SCUBA training with a PADI course. Your African adventure awaits. Karibu Kenya!

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