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Reef Guru Diver Program


Once you have completed your Reef Restoration Theory online course, you can head out to one of our awesome Partner Facility locations to complete your practical session! Check out our locations below and book your practical course with them directly.

We are actively recruiting Partner Facilities to operate the practical component of the Diver Program courses. We have some exciting locations in the works, so be sure to check back regularly to find out our newest locations where you can get hands on with coral restoration!


with Ten Degrees South / Eco 2 Diving

Instructor: Martha Taylor

Ten Degrees South / Eco2 diving, marine research and education center is based in a small ‘off the beaten track’ Swahili village in Mikindani, Mtwara, South Tanzania. Ten Degrees south / Eco2 diving is an operational diver center with a big focus on conservation and low impact scuba diving excursions.


Mikindani has some of the most spectacular diving in Tanzania and the area is recognised as the centre of biological diversity for the East African coast. As the area isn’t yet touristic we have the ocean to ourselves where we can enjoy the pristine unspoilt area.


However, some of our coral reefs have hugely suffered from destructive fishing methods such as dynamite fishing. Now that the dynamite fishing has stopped, we are working to restore the damaged reefs through coral nurseries and artificial structures.


As well as running the Reef Guru courses, Ten Degrees South / Eco2 diving also offers longer volunteer programs for people who want to learn and get involved a little bit more in coral restoration.


Visitors can stay at Ten Degrees South hotel. In swahili-style architecture, this hotel is an authentic retreat. As well as a hotel there is also a lovely bar and restaurant surrounded by luxurious vegetation. In addition, the tree-platform is the perfect place to enjoy stunning views across Mikindani Bay.


More specifically, Ten Degrees South lodge offers a choice of clean and charming accommodation. The guesthouse rooms have a vast shared bathroom where the en-suite rooms have both private bathrooms and a private terrace. However, all rooms are furnished with double beds and fans enclosed inside the mosquito nets.

View their website:      To book the practical course email:


Lombok, Indonesia

with SORCE

Instructor: Kara Majerus

SORCE is the Sustainable Oceanic Research, Conservation and Education community interest company. They are a non-profit conservation organisation founded in 2018 and they focus on research, conservation and restoration of coral reef ecosystems. Their location in a biological diversity hotspot allows their work to have a big impact. SORCE has a vision of achieving community backed methods of ensuring the ongoing restoration of marine ecosystems to a state of good health, well being and productivity that can be maintained and improved upon for generations to come. 

The SORCE facility is located within a marine park teeming with life ranging from pygmy seahorses to whale sharks, and even dugongs. The facility is right on the beach and is relatively undiscovered by tourists, allowing the environment to be unspoilt compared to nearby tourist hotspots. The area has suffered from unsustainable fishing techniques such as blast fishing, climate change and the development of irresponsible tourism meaning that there is a great deal of restoration work to be done. The SORCE team strongly believes that it is not too late and that we have a responsibility and an obligation to take care of the Earth which we call Home. 

As SORCE is a Reef Guru Partner Facility, you can learn the practical skills involved in coral gardening and reef restoration in a great location with the chance to see some amazing marine wildlife. As well as the Reef Guru Reef Restoration Diver Program, SORCE runs an impressive array of conservation initiatives and workshops, short courses and expeditions, so it is a great place to gain some experience, knowledge and amazing qualifications. 

Divers stay in private traditional Lombok style huts made from locally sourced Bamboo and grass thatching. Each hut is equipped with a balcony, single bed, fan, shelves, clothes rail and bedside table. The Den is a large communal space for socialising, eating and learning. This is also where lectures and dive briefings take place. There are hammocks and beanbags for relaxing after a long day of diving as well as fire pits for evening entertainments. The kitchen is equipped with a pizza oven and a BBQ area.

View their website:       To book the practical course email:



with Atoll Marine Conservation Centre

Instructor: Alexandra Jamaica

Atoll Marine Centre is based on the local island of Naifaru in the north of Maldives. The island is a bustling little community but is not without problems, and AMC works to bring together various community and environmental projects to improve life for the local residents and wildlife.

Main areas of focus include rescue and rehabilitation of illegally kept and injured sea turtles, as well as small-scale coral restoration and reef monitoring projects.


Working alongside the AMC marine biologists to complete your Reef Guru Restoration Diver or Conservation Diver certification course, you’ll develop your coral gardening and reef restoration skills. The coral nursery and artificial reef site, conveniently located right in front of the AMC main facility, are accessible from the beach by snorkelers and divers alike. On top of Reef Guru Restoration/Conservation Diver courses, AMC offers a wide choice of longer volunteer programs and internships, so it is a great place to gain experience and practical conservation skills to enhance future career prospects.


But, it’s not all work and no play; in your free time you can participate in a variety of prearranged activities, including snorkeling, fishing, visiting uninhabited islands, beach BBQs and movie nights.


AMC also partners with a local dive centre to offer a full range of PADI courses and daily shore and boat dives to some of the most spectacular dive sites in the Maldives. They've got wrecks, caves, manta ray cleaning stations and thrilling channel dives, all within a 20-minute boat ride from Naifaru. Their island lays in a “not-so-touristy” area of the archipelago, so you'll likely be the only divers in the water!


Visitors stay in shared accommodation (2-3 per room). All rooms are single gender and are equipped with air conditioning and an en suite bathroom. Private rooms are available at an additional cost. The volunteer house has Wi-Fi, communal living area, small kitchen and laundry facilities, and is located 10-minutes walking distance from the Conservation Centre, dive school and beach-front restaurant. 


View their website:            To book the practical course email:

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with Poni Divers

Instructor: Maclen Torres

View their website:       To book the practical course email:

Poni Divers is located in Brunei on the majestic island of Borneo in South East Asia. A well established RAID, IANTD, and BSAC Dive Centre they offer a range of diving services, training and activities from SCUBA courses, technical diving, wreck diving, commercial underwater services, and watersports. Their main operations center is located at Serasa Beach, just a 30 minute drive from the airport, and with beach-side facilities like changing rooms, showers, barbecues, and private access to its own jetty, customers often stay around for just a little longer than they mean to!

Recognising the importance of marine conservation and stewardship, Poni Divers have been leading the way in marine conservation initiatives in Brunei since 2010, including underwater clean ups, marine life rescue, public outreach and youth engagement, and coral restoration. Most recently, Poni Divers have partnered with Reef Guru and Reef Ball Foundation, and are now running Reef Guru Restoration Diver and Conservation Diver courses with outplanting of coral fragments to Reef Ball artificial reef structures.

Check out the Poni homestay, conveniently located just 5 minutes away from Serasa Beach, which can serve as the perfect base for your diving and coral restoration adventures in Brunei. With packages including diving, accommodation, and other activities such as island hopping, rainforest excursions, and city tours, Poni Divers is the perfect place to complete your Reef Guru Diver certification in Borneo! Contact them today to book in your Conservation Diver or Restoration Diver practical course with Reef Guru Instructor Mak.

IMG_0497 - Reef Guru Coral Divers underwater at Pelong Rock at newly deployed table nurser
IMG_0573 - Reef Guru Restoration Diver at coral nursery made of a repurposed boat roof at
Photo 4-5-24, 10 56 29 AM - Reef Guru Coral Divers from Poni Divers at Pelong Rock .jpg


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