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Adult courses

Reef Restoration Theory: Conservation Diver
Reef Restoration Theory: Restoration Diver

Learn about corals, coral growth form ID, and the theories & methods of coral reef restoration. Complete as stand alone theory courses or pair up with a practical session at a Partner Facility & earn a Diver certification!

Dive in to the world of tropical reefs and learn about the biology and identification of the animals that call the reef home.

Reef Critters
Reef Fish

Learn everything about reefs from the importance & threats, to in-depth coral biology & coral identification.

Importance & Threats
Free Course
Coral Biology
Coming soon
Massive polyp closeup.JPG
Intro to Identification
Coming soon

Reef Guru Kids

Mini Reef Guru

Encourage independent learning & critical thinking with our educational activity packs which combine 5 chapters of online learning with printable educational activities, experiments & online quizzes.

Junior Reef Guru


Take advantage of our free mini activity packs to keep your child occupied for a couple of hours! Online learning + quiz and a printable educational colouring sheet.

Free Activity Pack
Free Activity Pack


Great for kids (& adults!) of all ages. Our free colouring sheets will inspire the next generation to love & care for our amazing marine animals!

Reef Creatures
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Colouring Pack
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