Who are Reef Guru?


Reef Guru was co-founded by two English marine biologists, Grace Phillips & Lucy Fisher. Both Grace & Lucy have a deep connection with the ocean that goes beyond simply enjoying being in the environment, to focusing their lives on improving our species' connection with the ocean and the organisms which inhabit it. 

The Early Days


Lucy & Grace first met a decade ago at the University of Plymouth, UK, where they both studied for a degree in marine biology.

After graduating, both jumped head first into the world of marine research, gathering an enormous amount of experience and knowledge in a range of applications.


Lucy became specialised in coral reef ecology, conservation and education through working as a Science Officer on a number of volunteer based coral research and conservation programs, including Coral Cay Conservation, Operation Wallacea and Reef Doctor. Lucy also spent time at Bimini Biological Field Station working on a number of shark research projects. 

Grace focused her career on marine megafauna research, starting off as a Research Assistant at the Maldivian Manta Ray Project and later Project Leader of the Seychelles Manta Ray Project. She also spent some time assisting on shark research in the Seychelles and later went on to be Research Technician for the Cape Eleuthera Institute Sea Turtle Research and Conservation Program. Grace has also spent considerable time working on coral research and community involvment in marine conservation in remote areas during her time as Project Leader of an OceansWatch expedition in Vanuatu. 

They began to notice...


Having worked in remote tropical locations in countless countries around the world, both Grace & Lucy began to notice a trend - the degradation of coral reef ecosystems as a result of the pressure which humans place on the reef systems through recreational and commerical practices. They also noticed that dive facilities and resorts were perfectly situated to make a difference, they just needed a little help from experienced marine scientists.


With the wealth of knowledge they had amassed over the years, Grace and Lucy both knew they could make a difference through robust, scientific methodologies to ensure that the natural resources which many businesses rely on remain profitable for years to come.

A solution

Reef Guru have developed a series of Diver Program certifications that dive facilities worldwide can run to engage divers in coral reef restoration and help the local reefs to flourish which will continue to provide services for the facility in the decades to come. 


Help the reef whilst helping your business. It couldn't make more sense!


Be a leader in coral reef conservation, show the world and your customers that you care about how you impact your environment! Contact Reef Guru today to discuss how we can help you achieve your conservation goals.


True to our mission to provide education to the public about coral reefs, their importance, threats and the animals that call it home, Reef Guru have developed a series of online Reef Education resources from kids activity bundles to educational courses.