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Reef Guru Instructor Jobs

Jobs advertised here are for employment by independent dive centres that are partnered with Reef Guru to run the Reef Guru Diver Program. You must be a certified Reef Guru Instructor to apply.  Reef Guru Instructors are employed by independent dive centres, not by Reef Guru. If you are interested in becoming a Reef Guru Instructor, please click HERE to check your eligibility.

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May 21, 2020

Fill out the info form opposite to submit your job opening. 
Which jobs can be posted on this Job Board? They must be:

  • SCUBA Instructor or Divemaster positions at dive facilities that operate the Reef Guru Restoration Diver Program

  • Involve instructing the Reef Guru Restoration Diver Program

Please include: facility name, location, position title, full-time/part-time, contact info, any other requirements for the position & your website address.

Submitted job openings will be posted to the Job Board within 1-3 days. If you wish for a posting to be taken down, please request this through the info form opposite. 

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