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Eco-training services

Diving is great but knowing what you are looking at and the role it plays in the ecosystem takes diving to a whole other level.

Through Reef Guru's carefully formulated ID Training Program participants have found diving to be a much more fulfilling, exciting, and educational experience.

The Reef Guru ID Training program delivers a series of lectures, workshops, study tools and in-water sessions to certify participants in reeffish, coral, substrate and invertebrate identification. 

Megafauna ID projects

Reef monitoring training & certification

Monitoring, or surveying, the reefs is essential in understanding the health of reef systems. By collecting data on the numbers and types of organisms present and the health and abundance of coral, we can understand how the health of the reef is changing . This is vital in indentifing declines in reef health and initiating measures to halt the decline. Reef Guru will provide full training & certification in Reef Guru reef monitoring techniques & will work with your facility to build a monitoring schedule that works for you. Reef Guru will subsequently be on hand to analyse the data & advise on any conservation measures that can be taken.

Artificial reef structures serve multiple purposes. They alleviate pressure from natural reefs by providing an alternative dive site, they provide additional habitat for reef fauna, they serve as a useful educational tool and, if designed correctly, they can provide a fun way for students and newly certified divers to practice buoyancy skills. Reef Guru will work with your facility to design an appropriate reef structure(s), intall the structure(s) in the perfect lcoation, carefully popuate it with coral, and provide full training in maintenance so that the coral may flourish in growth over the years to come.

Artificial reef structure workshop

Coral restoration program initiation & training

The percentage of live, hard corals on many reef systems has been in decline for many decades. Imagine if every dive facility in the world undertook a reef restoration program - we would be providing the reefs with much needed help to overcome the pressures that they currently face.

Learn how to grow corals in a controlled environment & transplant them back onto the reef to aid in reef restoration. Reef Guru has developed a reef restoration program which we will initiate for you and provide full training to facility staff on the proper maintenance and rehabilitation techniques.



Megafauna ID projects

Megafauna are the large, charismatic animals that inhabit the pelagic and fringing reef zones in our oceans, such as manta rays and whale sharks. As long-lived, late-maturing, low-fecund animals they are particularly at risk to anthropogenic impacts such as unsustainable harvesting and ghost fishing / entanglement. It is therefore important that scientists research the population demographics and range of these animals; one method of collecting this data is through identification photographs and dive facilities are perfectly situated to do this.

With a background in megafauna research, the Reef Guru team can expertly provide full training in the collection of important data. Not only can this data then be utilised by Reef Guru scientists to improve our understanding of the conservation biology of marine megafauna, but it also allows dive facilities to offer a unique and fulfilling diving experience to their guests.

ID training & certification (fish, corals & substrates, invertebrates)

Megafauna ID projects

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