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Are you a:

which relies on the reef for your business success?

Reef Guru will work with your facility to understand your unique conservation needs and provide training workshops to allow your facility to monitor, improve and maintain the health of your local reefs & set-up conservation projects. 

Tropical resort, dive facility, or other business
Local management body

responsible for maintaining the health of the local reef systems?

Reef Guru will undertake surveys and monitoring to provide robust data to support proposals of best management strategies to reduce local stressors to the reef and improve and maintain resilience of the ecosystem.

Consultancy services

  • Resilience assessments (to identify resilient reefs & local stressors)

  • Continued monitoring

  • Conservation areas

  • Disease/predator outbreak management 

Services include:  Click on each service type header for more information


  • ID training & certification (fish, corals & substrates, invertebrates)

  • Reef monitoring training & certification

  • Artificial reef structure workshop

  • Coral restoration program initiation & training

Other services

  • Installation of mooring buoys

  • Set-up of megafauna ID projects

  • Creation of educational resources

  • Habitat mapping

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